Rancid - LET THE DOMINOES FALL (New Album, in stores June 2nd)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perghhhhh!!! tu jer yang mampu aku ucapkan tatkala terbaca info pasal hero2 aku nih. Okeh, kali ni aku nak promote album baru band punk rockers yang aku minat giler nih. Menurut Myspace diorang, album yang berjudul "Let The Dominoes Fall" ni akan rilis 2nd June 2009. Tetapi rilisan utk single 7 April ni. Xsabo beb nk mendapatkan album nih...hahaha.Okies,ni detail dari Myspace Rancid...Check it out!

New Rancid Album, LET THE DOMINOES FALL, in stores June 2nd!

That's right! This June 2nd the new album from Rancid "Let The Dominoes Fall" will be available! Check out our myspace page for more details.

Want to hear the first song?

Head to myspace.com/rancid now and join the widget or enter your info below! Enter your email address and post the widget on your own myspace page or blog.
On April 7th the widget will update and you will get the first listen and download of "Last One To Die", the first single off Rancids new record!

Spread the word and get free tickets to see Rancid & Rise Against!

Once you enter your email address, spread the widget everywhere! Your widget will track how many people sign up to the widget from yours, the more that sign up the more points you get! The top 25 people with the most sign ups get free tickets to see Rancid & Rise Against on tour this summer!

Get the widget here: myspace.com/rancid

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